From the mouths of babes

Part of my job as a student recruiter is to go out to schools and public events. A key component is presentations to High School CALM 20 classes. CALM is an acronym for Career and Life Management. I had to take this course when I was in high school. I vaguely remember learning how to balance a cheque book. I definitely don’t recall and post secondary recruiters stopping by to share information.

 I have an unquenchable passion for talking in public and sharing information, whether folks need it or not. For a person with a BA majoring in Communications, I have most certainly found a niche! Since September 2010, I have probably met about 1000 High School students in different forums. All the sorts that make the world go around. I have learned to deal with disinterest, kids trying to embarass me, and amazing questions that I had to think about before answering.

This morning while wrapping up the presentation to a group of lovely grade 10 girls, Iopen the discussion about how they can pay for college. I start talking about Scholarships, Bursaries, Grants, Loans, Parents etc. Well did I learn something, apparently on a recent episode of The Tyra Banks Show some college co-eds were interviewed and as it turns another source of funding is the “SUGAR DADDY”. What do I say to that???

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  1. philg

    some of the great books i have on media are (i’ve marked the ones dealing with society and media:

    technology and culture:an anthology (merlin kranzberg)
    *** life: the movie (neal gabler)
    *** hello, i’m special (hal niedzvieki)
    four arguments for the elimination of television (jerry mander)
    the fall of advertising and the rise of pr (al ries)
    *** human connection and the new media (barry schwartz)

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