Diesel Dreams

Diesel Dreams

About 6 months ago we adopted a gorgeous White Shepard mix from the GPSPCA Diesel, not the name I would have chosen, but it was argued (effectively I might add) that if that is the name he has always had, it should be the name he always has. Of course since arriving at our place, he has a variety of nick names. DD, Diesel Dog, Dboy, Sir Hops A Lot. Oh, did I mention he is a Tripawd ?

The SPCA told us that the previous owners paid $1500 to save his life, and were devestated at having to surrender him. I for one, don’t know how or why they could do it – but am thrilled that he has come into our lives! I often wonder what he thinks about as he gazes across the property. Does he have phantom pains? Does he have flashbacks? Exactly how long ago did the accident happen? The story I was told, is that he jumped out of the back of a truck after some cattle. At first I imagined he just broke his leg and it was irreparable – as I thought more about it I have decided that he went under the truck, and as a result the rear right leg and his tail are gone.

It is so cute to see his whole back side wagging in place of a tail. Does he realize he no longer has one? There were a few times I thought he was just being a dirty boy dog, and finally realized he was trying to scratch his right ear. It’s very cool to see how he has adapted, amazing in fact. Does he dream about his former four legged life? Do I spend too much time speculating about a dog’s thoughts? If you know me, you aren’t surprised by my questions.

We have all witnessed dogs running in thier sleep (chasing rabitts), a few woofs or yelps that don’t last long. This morning at about 2am we were ripped from our heavy slumber by two loud, shrill, howls that can only be described as blood curdling. I have never hear anything like if before, and hope to never hear anything like it again. DD was dreaming, or rather having a nightmare – we speculated over lunch that it had to be a bad dream. RC commented that there are some things you can’t forget. So tonight he will get an extra treat, and extra hug and hopefully sleep a dreamless sleep.


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