A teacher I had a few years ago, challenged me with the question of “where do you come from”? I honestly didn’t know, I was convinced that it had to be a very complicated, mind blowing concept that would take me years to find the answer!! DRUMROLL…… The Earth!

 Duh, of course. The human body is definitely from the earth! Everything we have in our daily lives started out as raw materials, from the earth. Every colour we see can be found in nature (from the earth). We go back to the earth. Regardless of how hard we try to deny it, life is a cycle, we are all connected, and we are all attached to the earth.

The recent flooding all over Alberta, especially in the south hit me hard as a very real reminder that we are just visitors here on this planet. While in Iceland, there were magnificent natural wonders everywhere – overwhelming at times in their beauty, and again confirming my status as a visitor here on earth. Iceland inspired to get out into my own backyard more often and enjoy my local natural wonders.Takk Fyrir Island!








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