K.C LAU Dinner for Two

This morning when I woke up, I did not think a great Chinese lunch was in the cards. Having to choose between A&W, Dairy Queen or a less than desirable back of chips and beef jerky from the gas station eating on the road can be ugh :(.
A fine line between sustenance to see you to your final destination and knowing that while hungry what you eat has a high chance of being regrettable.

As we pulled into Valleyview Shell for fuel and I was contemplating ice cream for lunch, I spied something new and shiny. K.C Lau attached to the Paradise Hotel. Always on the hunt for well prepared Chinese food I took a little stroll, leaving Rhett to deal with the fuel.

Ok, menu looks good, restaurant new and beautiful. Very tastefully designed with the right amount of “dynasty” chic. I asked the owner if he was affiliated with KC of Cochrane -no relation.

The real dilemma, stop early on in the 8 hour drive for late lunch or grab bad station snacks and eat at DQ in Whitecourt. Feeling ill at the thought of it, ironically torn between old reliable ( reliable disappointment) and possible pleasant surprise.

That said, our combo lunches were simple tasty, service was friendly and good and KC Lau was the right decision. So, next time you pass through Valleyview on your way to Grande Prairie or Alaska consider a quick meal break at KC’s. ( They also do take out!!)

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