Gardening by the Northern Lights…

Spring ,such an exciting time of year! Just today I realized I have a year-long project I can document from start to finish! No one else in cyberspace may be interested, but I am putting forth the challenge to myself to follow through. It has been a long time since ol’ Roadnoises has shared a post – this is a teaser of the season to come. What started out as a work type blog with no real point of reference now has one!

Friendship, family, and integrating perspectives over a summer of gardening! A while ago, I was chatting with Tina about gardening, she mentioned she’d like to have a garden. I said, “well I’ve got 10 acres and a raised bed plan that’s been collecting dust for the past three years. I can’t seem to convince RC (my husband) to help me build it.” Tina’s response was “we could build that!”. I felt a little foolish at the realisation but got excited and starting believing that – hell yes – we can build it! Of course now RC is going to “help out” but still…. Girl POWER! I feel a little like Adrian Dingle’s, Nelvana of the Northern Lights!


Today I ordered the lumber, it will be picked up tomorrow and some other materials. Construction scheduled to begin May 1-3. I anticipate – barring a blizzard (which is not out of the question) we should have it finished and planted by the Sunday night in time to watch Game of Thrones!

So bear with me, as I write about this adventure and experience in perspective. My plan to document its progress, the experience, the produce, the harvest, the preserving of food and ultimately the cooking and eating of our collective efforts! Last year I was constantly posting photos of flowers to a FB album – this will be that but better!

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