Trial and Error

So this garden is happening! In addition to the actual process of construction, planting, weeding, watering etc. part of this project is to practice non- attachment to outcomes. After planting everything I had a little panic – I realized that I have really only successfully grown potatoes and tomatoes – EEK!! I stopped to think about it, and had to acknowledge my inner control freak – and it’s usual productioMix Tomatoesn of unrealistic expectations. Winking Beagle Gardens will be beautiful, the garden will grow and I will learn a lot – and not just about growing food!

A few concerning moments this week – the wind has just been relentless. I was sure I had selected the best location, and this May the wind has decided to blow from the east all day every day. I am confident the little plants will survive – and grow stronger. However, a few little set backs have ocIMG_6622curred. I feel a little disappointed when I see a dried up plant, a shrivelled leaf or a complete plant that a cat has dug up!!

Granted one tomato of twenty isn’t the end all. I will see what happens in the next week – will I be able to resuscitate them?

To recap, I have planted some seeds, some bedding packs, and my first re-homed chunk of Rhubarb! She’s looking a little rough on the surface, but I see the new growth coming in strong!



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