New Lease on Life

Honestly, I feel badly about my rash decision to just pull the flailing tomato plant out of the ground and chuck it on the compost pile. As soon as I pulled it up, I noticed new leaves, and that the roots pod was quite dry – OUCH – I quickly moved the tomato, and replanted in a new spot. Less than 24 hours later…the recovery is well on its way!


Former Location – Dismal Days


New Lease on Life –

As mentioned in the last post – I do think a name is in order! After some discussion with my long time childhood bestie, and sister wife Trent (yes he is my wife) suggested Grizabella as a name. If you know us, you know its perfect! Without singing and dancing for you, I will say that Trent and I spent probably thousands of hours re-enacting the entire CATS Musical for most of the summer in 1986 (?). He is also sympathetic to my gardening projects – again, years of comparing notes of our failures and successes in the gardens, running around in the woods together, talking about seeds, animals, cooking and just laughing A LOT!

Let’s cheer on Little Grizzy as she makes her way to becoming an amazing jar of salsa!

Grizabella the Glamour Cat

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