Yes, a bit of a dry spell – but apparently necessary time needed to regroup. I’ve been received email from Anne at WordPress she was so concerned that my credit card on file was expired and that she didn’t want me to miss out and lose my account etc. That Anne, so thoughtful…

A few weeks ago I had a reading done at my local “crystal/tarot/incense” shop as I like to call it – (I never rememb the actual name). The reading was interesting, and I always take things with a grain of salt – but, the main theme was if there is something you want to do, start doing it. Writing on RoadNoises is something that I love to do – so here I am. According to analytics I have 36 followers, all of whom I am certain have lost sleep waiting for my return to the keyboard – I am sure with as much anticipation as season 8 of Game of Thrones.

I have been hiding out for several months now, figuratively and literally. Not really saying or doing much  – definitely not reaching out to the universe. Yes everyday, brings challenges, adventures and gifts. This year the practice of gratitude needs to be more than me just saying thanks out loud. What does genuine gratitude look and feel like? Something to ponder.

I my new garden I planted some basil. Picked it up for cheap, possibly free with some dying onions starts and a few petunias. I have never had success with Basil. Regular Basil, Thai Basil, indoors, outdoors it has never thrived. I buy a plant, put it in the garden and basically condemn it to death. A tall stick with 3-4 leaves might appear, but never anything more.

The other day I was checking out the garden. Should I water? What’s the point? Summer is over… And I discovered the Basil – did a double, then triple take – there he was in all his glory, surrounded by a petunia and pineapple mint – all thriving. My sister was disgustedly jealous to hear the news of my new found basil success – and it was delicious in a peach salad.

Today I had a bit of a “deep thought”  – crazy, I know. Sometimes we really need a change of environment to actually grow, and possibly thrive. How many years of forcing a square peg into a round hole have made up my road noise? Transplanted into a new garden – I have met some very interesting people that energize me, and I can already feel the changes, the growth, a resurgence of a me that I thought was gone…


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