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Wee Beasties

So first things first, the garden saw some fatalities this week. The bedding out vegetables I planted about a month ago, were hard hit. There will be no Cauliflower, all four plants out of the game. One Brussel Sprout was hit, and I am anticipating the rest to follow suit. It would appear that the Purple Kale (of which I have no intention of eating…) may be the strongest of the lot.

Oh well, this is the garden of experiments – as luck would have it, only after the discovery of wilted plants, then pulling them up and finding grubs/maggots on the roots – did I find this information online Mistakes to Avoid… 

Alright, alright I will know for next year. At this point I am going to focus on what is still alive and celebrate their continued growth, make offerings to the garden gods that no more pests find their way to my house, and pray for just a little (well a lot) less wind! To be noted: there are many baby grasshoppers about. 

And that is how I feel about Cabbage Grubs ūüė¶  

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Patience (or lack thereof)

The wind is non-stop. I for one, am pretty much done with it! Keeping the garden watered has been a huge challenge, the wind just strips the moisture off the top. I can only imagine (and I am sure not accurately) the dustbowls of the 1930s. Between the wind, the dust, the inability to grow food or make and income…

I don’t claim to be a historian, but I will say ¬†Barry Broadfoot’s Ten Lost Years had an impact. My dad had a copy, and of course it ended up in my hands – I was probably 13 or 14 when I read it. Pre high school English curriculum – thinking back to English 10,20,30 ¬†I am disappointed that Grapes of Wrath was the required reading and not a Canadian equivalent, being honest all anyone talked about was Rose of Sharon feeding the dying man – grow up I know‚Ķ In Grade 11 I had to read and write an essay on Who Has Seen the Wind by W.O. Mitchell – yes a depression era story, but my story of that essay writing experience should be saved for another day – I am sure my mom will agree!!

Any rate, back to the garden – A few hiccups this week.

WIND!! Power Outage for several hours one evening. I had no idea until the water from the hose started to sputter and gasp. I went straight to the garden from my car – didn’t go inside. Apparently the well requires power to operate to it’s best ability.

Garden being used as giant cat litter box Рten acres and the garden is the best place for it. Always where the tiniest  sprouts are coming up. IMG_6666

Came home Tuesday Evening to find little Grizzy snapped almost in half – I found a band aid, and some gauze and chopsticks for a plant splint – she seems to be surviving, but is she thriving? In my focus on a single plant I neglected to water one bed and came home Friday to semi wilted peas and more wind!! ARGH.


All is watered and I¬†even started weeding. They are just big enough to bother…

I will say that I am not confident in my carrots – give them a chance I know – but still I can hear Blake Shelton on The Voice – and I am pretty confident growing carrots is not in “My Wheelhouse”.

Lack of patience and expectation, my nemesis (nemesi?) were leading the way this week. Lucky for me this article popped in my newsfeed: Is There a Way to Make Plants Grow Faster? 


Thanks to fellow blogger Р for a great write up on Ten Lost Years and made it possible for me to not have to use an Amazon review… Canadian Encyclopaedia (I just discovered this today), and for the patience…

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Gardening by the Northern Lights…

Spring ,such an exciting time of year! Just today I realized I have a year-long project I can document from start to finish! No one else in cyberspace may be interested, but I am putting forth the challenge to myself to follow through. It has been a long time since ol’ Roadnoises has shared a post – this is a teaser of the season to come. What started out as a work type blog with no real point of reference now has one!

Friendship, family, and integrating perspectives over a summer of gardening! A while ago, I was chatting with Tina about gardening, she mentioned she’d like to have a garden. I said, “well I’ve got 10 acres and a raised bed plan that’s been collecting dust for the past three years. I can’t seem to convince RC (my husband) to help me build it.” Tina’s response was “we could build that!”. I felt a little foolish at the realisation but got excited and starting believing that – hell yes – we can build it! Of course now RC is going to “help out” but still‚Ķ. Girl POWER! I feel a little like Adrian Dingle’s, Nelvana of the Northern Lights!


Today I ordered the lumber, it will be picked up tomorrow and some other materials. Construction scheduled to begin May 1-3. I anticipate – barring a blizzard (which is not out of the question) we should have it finished and planted by the Sunday night in time to watch Game of Thrones!

So bear with me, as I write about this adventure and experience in perspective. My plan to document its progress, the experience, the produce, the harvest, the preserving of food and ultimately the cooking and eating of our collective efforts! Last year I was constantly posting photos of flowers to a FB album – this will be that but better!

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