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Patience is a Virtue

At this point the kale is now gone, radishes soon to follow… All at the hands of a small moth with the biological imperative to reproduce. I am also just letting those crops go – exhale – non attachment. I have also made several observations – potatoes are growing like gang busters – but will be moved to far east bed where the wind seems the craziest next year. All other crops are moving along, but at the same time seem stunted. I think they need more heat – less wind.

This week, the most exciting discovery is that little Grizzabella has a flower – so perhaps she will bear fruit. The band aid is still on, as is the gauze and chop sticks they haven’t blown off!!!

The wind has died down. A little rain and things seem to be coming together. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Coming and going. Memorials, baby showers, going away parties and retirement celebrations. Many opportunities to practice non attachment. My Buddha candle continues to exist in a halfway state and the quote “go ahead… PRACTICE NON-ATTACHMENT Burn the Buddha! (You can do it)” is always running through my mind. 

Will wrap up this post with freshly hilled potatoes – done by hand – so therapeutic! And hands reeking of Cilantro one if my favorites!

Go Ahead…



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