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Dog Days Take A Backseat

I think I have some of the best traveling dogs out there. For pooches that font get as much car time as others, they are always willing companions on many of our camping excursions and family drives south to visit family. Eight hours seems to go by in a blur.

Pre-trip prep however does include extended activity, food and water. This trip I am testing out a collapsible access ramp. Purchased 1) to prove a point – they aren’t that large, heavy or expensive. That to build our own would be disastrous… 2) test Costco online – they’ve passed the test 3) lifting/assisting my 55lb bulldog just isn’t fun, even less fun is helping our 100lb tripawd in – while both want in desperately neither are very helpful or graceful about it. Needless to say the third dog weighing in at 100lb maybe 96 leaps in and out on her own.

It is inevitable, the second they hear the purr of the diesel engine they have invited themselves along, and no verbal assurance is enough to convince them that they are indeed wanted on the voyage!!

Of course beautiful comfy beds, a/c makes it a nice one. At the same time I’m glad they can’t talk, I am sure that “are we there yet?” would be frequently heard.





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