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Passion – Reykjavik


I know, still on about Iceland. Every now and then you have a life altering experience and it takes a while to assimilate back into your “former” life. Of course, it will never be the same. At the same time, it is always better! Some fellow travellers have been posting photos of our trip on FB, and one was of a beautiful piece of chocolate cake, and  an almond pastry of some sort from the Passion Bakery.

passion victoria Photo by Victoria Y.

Passion was a lifeline for me. Only a couple of blocks from the Scout House where we were roughing it – delicious bread, butter and cheese as well as beautiful coffee. If you’ve been reading my posts, you know that I am easily impressed by quality bread, butter and water! After a rough first 24 hours, I was riding in a cab back to the House and saw the word Passion out of the corner of my eye, I didn’t even know my street address, let alone where in Reykjavik we were. I thought it’s either a “love shop” or wait there appears to be pastry in the window – googled it immediatly upon getting through the door and was there first thing the next morning!! Salvation!

Passion Staff were also great! So tolerant of my non-existent Icelandic language skills, willing to interpret “to go cup” as “take away” and pick the perfect fresh baked roll, apply the perfect amount of butter, and expertly place the delicious slice of cheese, while preparing my most perfect latte, for five mornings in a row!

passion bread

At Passion they had these beautiful looking merengue cakes in a showcase fridge. I didn’t buy one, as I knew I would eat the whole thing. I did have a slice of something similar at the Bifrost University coffee shop/student lounge though. Delicious. Now I was on a mission! Recreate this dessert. Again, for those that know me, Pavlova (Meregue) and Whipped Cream are two of my weaknesses – combine those ingredients with the challenge of making something new – the gloves were off.

At the National Museum of Iceland I found a small book of recipes in the gift shop. Food and Festivities by Hildur and Anna.

cook book

Note my grams to cups conversion. So, on a wing and a prayer a little imperial to american measurments success was attained!!


MRW Cake cake side

(Chocolate was a fail – doubted my usual ganache making skills, but overall 100% tasty and will be perfected. Baking Merengue in square pans with parchment was also a bit scary – trust in the process haha!)

So find your Passion – travel, food, music, magic, life… It could be right in front of you!

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“A Village at the Edge of the Arctic” – Raufarhofn, Iceland

I had the privilege of visiting here at the start of June. We saw Arctic-Henge, met the man behind the idea, and stayed with Maddy (who is interviewed in the film). I counted no less than 7 species of sea/shore birds in her back yard. Including the Common Eider (this was very exciting as a birder, when would I ever see one in Canada?) Enjoy!

“We are proud to present the teaser from the documentary movie we have been filming recently in Raufarhofn!

Documentary project about the impact of international volunteering in isolated rural areas in the northeastern part of Iceland. The Documentary film take place in the village of Raufarhofn with the cooperation of Worldwidefriends Iceland volunteers and The Tracker Company.

The intention of this project is to let the world know about this situation and therefore to promote the beauty and the wonders of these people and their village.

This is a non profit project.” www.wf.is

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Takk Fyrir

Takk Fyrir.

I am working on a more detailed and lengthy post. I actually took notes everyday about just about everything I ate, or saw others eating. Is that a good thing, or just the sign of a some sort of compulsive disorder?

In front of me on my desk are two lists: one titled “Food Blog”, and the other “Bird List”. My priorities I guess… I could easily have more lists with names like, Volcanoes, Glaciers, Waterfalls, Sheep I have Counted and Geo-thermal versus Water Heaters. That being said, Takk Fyrir is a little teaser about a few posts yet to come.

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The First 24 Hours are Critical

It is 11am back in Alberta. 5pm in Reykjavik. So 24 hours ago the group was gathered at YEG waiting to check in, clear US Customs, board then fly on Air Alaska to Seattle, WA. Wow!! I kind of feel like I’ve flown to the moon. My patience has somehow improved just a little bit over the years. So, now we are resting and regrouping.

Sleeping on the floor (with my awesome air mattress -courtesy Dark Flavour) in a Boy Scout Hall with no showers was not at all expected. I think all will work out. The group is easy going, and no major alliances have formed yet. Haha! Tomorrow we go meet AndriMagnason the author and then who knows where the mood will take us.







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Countdown to Reykjavik!

Only 20 days until we fly from Edmonton! It’s come a long way from a poster on the wall, to a paid flight, and passport. Very excited, and impressed with my ability to pretend I am going with the flow hahahaha! Meeting tonight for the travellers, finally get to meet everyone? Still finding great little articles and resources.  Inspired by Iceland

Tours by Locals


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