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Bright Light

Yes, a huge time lapse since my last post in May. I was originally going to introduce the puppy, but as you can read it turned into a memorial tribute. The house is still relatively quiet compared to when Cider was here, but it has an amazing new energy that of course really only a puppy can bring.

Photo 1 – Foundling Age ( 6 weeks?), Photo 2 Age I saw him on Bandaged Paws FB Page, Bottom Photo – First Day with Us – (5 Months?).

In all Archer – the ??? possibly Samoyed/Border Collie mix has been easy to train, virtually non-destructive and a source of entertainment and laughs. At approx. 9 months there is definitely a little remedial training that could happen, but in all he has turned out to be a gem. I have to credit the rescue and foster family for a large part of his socializing and demeanour.


Earlier in the summer I was at the vet clinic having him weighed (he needed worm meds ugh). Hanging out in the reception area showing him off and chatting with the vet she agreed he was probably pretty much full grown, and more than likely part Samoyed. Showing him off to anyone that was interested a woman walked in to pick up some dog food – she asked me about him. What he was, where he came from etc. I said I didn’t really know, that I was told he was found at about six weeks old wandering alone in High Level. She stopped, and just gushed – ” oh he is a little foundling”. She was just about in tears, and went on to say how lucky we were to have found each other. I have to agree  – this little Bandaged Paws rescue mutt, the little foundling has definitely brighten up our summer days.


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Solstice Seeds of Intention

This week my garden has been getting a little online attention. Exciting but also a little bit crazy – people out there are finding and reading my online rambles… It is obvious that using tags helps with this. Do folks search tags when looking for stories to read? I will have to try this out myself.

In the past 48 hours  we have had some torrential rain, and it remains over cast and drizzly. What a difference a generous soaking has made in the garden. All of the plants are standing up strong, and full. Hydrated, nourished ready to have their cells multiply and divide. The energy in and around the garden can only be described as vivid. It’s as though you can hear the plants chattering – an extensive variety of weeds have also appeared. I didn’t think we could have an exclusive relationship – I  like to reflect on the integration of “weeds’ and “food” or I guess “not weeds”.

This year, the bird life on the land has been exceptional. I don’t recall hearing and seeing so many species hanging around the place.The number and variety of birdsong is even greater than those I can actually see and identify. This afternoon – there were killdeer, red wing black birds, robins and swallows – interestingly in groups of three. I don’t know enough about numerology so I won’t attempt to read into it. At any rate the bird life is a rewarding gift of the garden and rains…

All of this is leading up to June 21 – the summer solstice, and father’s day. I do love this time of year, and realize it is another opportunity to practice non-attachment. In one way it is a potentially sad reminder that the days will begin to shorten, and in the immortal words of Jon Snow “Winter is coming”. At the same time if provides an opportunity to stop and be present and enjoy every second of daylight- while setting intentions for the next six months.

Planting the seeds in the garden roughly six weeks ago – was an exercise in setting intentions. The intention to water, weed, care for and harvest – the intention to write about the experience. A joyful feeling.

Reflecting on my garden, I realized the influence my dad has had on me and my yard work projects. As a child I was always attempting to grow things – some grew, some didn’t. My parents gave me free reign, and I took to gardening and lawn care like a natural. I never totally knew what I was doing, I still don’t!! I have however always enjoyed it.  Wandering through the beds, I see the rhubarb, and hollyhocks sprouting up from seed. These plants take me to my childhood backyard where the rhubarb and hollyhock are still growing thirty years strong.


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