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The First 24 Hours are Critical

It is 11am back in Alberta. 5pm in Reykjavik. So 24 hours ago the group was gathered at YEG waiting to check in, clear US Customs, board then fly on Air Alaska to Seattle, WA. Wow!! I kind of feel like I’ve flown to the moon. My patience has somehow improved just a little bit over the years. So, now we are resting and regrouping.

Sleeping on the floor (with my awesome air mattress -courtesy Dark Flavour) in a Boy Scout Hall with no showers was not at all expected. I think all will work out. The group is easy going, and no major alliances have formed yet. Haha! Tomorrow we go meet AndriMagnason the author and then who knows where the mood will take us.







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Countdown to Reykjavik!

Only 20 days until we fly from Edmonton! It’s come a long way from a poster on the wall, to a paid flight, and passport. Very excited, and impressed with my ability to pretend I am going with the flow hahahaha! Meeting tonight for the travellers, finally get to meet everyone? Still finding great little articles and resources.  Inspired by Iceland

Tours by Locals


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