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Bright Light

Yes, a huge time lapse since my last post in May. I was originally going to introduce the puppy, but as you can read it turned into a memorial tribute. The house is still relatively quiet compared to when Cider was here, but it has an amazing new energy that of course really only a puppy can bring.

Photo 1 – Foundling Age ( 6 weeks?), Photo 2 Age I saw him on Bandaged Paws FB Page, Bottom Photo – First Day with Us – (5 Months?).

In all Archer – the ??? possibly Samoyed/Border Collie mix has been easy to train, virtually non-destructive and a source of entertainment and laughs. At approx. 9 months there is definitely a little remedial training that could happen, but in all he has turned out to be a gem. I have to credit the rescue and foster family for a large part of his socializing and demeanour.


Earlier in the summer I was at the vet clinic having him weighed (he needed worm meds ugh). Hanging out in the reception area showing him off and chatting with the vet she agreed he was probably pretty much full grown, and more than likely part Samoyed. Showing him off to anyone that was interested a woman walked in to pick up some dog food – she asked me about him. What he was, where he came from etc. I said I didn’t really know, that I was told he was found at about six weeks old wandering alone in High Level. She stopped, and just gushed – ” oh he is a little foundling”. She was just about in tears, and went on to say how lucky we were to have found each other. I have to agree  – this little Bandaged Paws rescue mutt, the little foundling has definitely brighten up our summer days.


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